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Leadership 101: Take care of your team and your team will take care of you

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One of the most impactful statements ever said to me was "Take care of your men and your men will take

care of you". I was an 4th year ROTC cadet at Prairie View A&M University and would soon received my commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army. Capt. Mayfield went on to explain that one of my most important roles as a leader was to serve the individuals I led. I didn't fully understand what he meant at the time but his words that day stayed with me. It turned out that he was absolutely correct.

Leadership is more than simply telling people what to do. Taking care of your team is about providing the vision, tools, direction and accountability to get the job done. Answer these simple questions to assess your leadership:

  1. Have you offered a clear operational vision for your team or organization?

  2. Does your team or organization have ALL the tools to accomplish the vision?

  3. Does your team or organization know how to use the tools to accomplish the vision?

  4. Do you as a leader consistently maintain performance accountability of the team or organization?

If you answered yes to these questions you are a GREAT leader!

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